Acupuncture Worthing

Acupuncture Worthing

Welcome to Acupuncture Worthing and this website. My name is Jackie Townsend and I practise acupuncture in Worthing under the name phoenix acupuncture clinic.

Acupuncture Worthing

I gave my clinic the name ‘phoenix’ because I like the image of new life arising from the ashes. The phoenix is a mythical bird which represents regeneration and resurrection. It dies by self-immolation and rises again from its own ashes after three days. It also represents gentleness since it crushes nothing it alights on and feeds only on dew.

So it is a symbol of new life coming from what has become old, stale, fatigued.

Acupuncture is based on simple, logical principles and has been practised for thousands of years. Something which has been around that long must be considered effective. Chinese medicine is founded on the balance of yin and yang, in one’s life as well as in the body, and the movement of qi or life force. Yin and yang are opposites and mutually interdependent and we are healthy, energised and enthusiastic when we have a reasonable balance. This is equilibrium and is highly desirable!

Acupuncture in Brief

Please see Acupuncture in Brief and Acupuncture in Detail for more about the theory, philosophy and practice of acupuncture. I hope you enjoy reading it. I certainly enjoy practising it.

Acupuncture Worthing is here to help you breathe new life into what may feel like your old self that is no longer performing as well as you feel it should, or you would like it to. Please click on Testimonials to find out how it has helped some of my patients over the years.

You’ll want to know how much it costs. For basic acupuncture, for example, a treatment for low energy, poor sleep or headaches, the initial consultation and treatment is £50. This treatment takes approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. Subsequent treatments take around 40 minutes and cost £40.

Facial Revitalisation with Acupuncture takes one hour and costs £50 for one treatment. This comes as a course of six treatments and you can pay as you go or you can pay £275 at the start of your course and save £25.

Cosmetic Acupuncture takes 1½ hours and costs £65 per session.

How many treatments will you need? This obviously varies considerably from one person to another and is dependent on factors such as how long have you had the problem? What are your current energy and stress levels? What are you eating and drinking?

I always recommend that people have a minimum of six treatments. You may well feel considerably better after only one treatment.  However, it is important to understand that acupuncture does not often produce instant results.  Most people need treatment for some time and on a regular basis. I usually recommend looking at lifestyle, including possibly suggesting changes that are intended to be positive and supportive and which also take the time to implement and to have an effect.

I invite you to browse the Acupuncture Worthing website, I hope that you will find it interesting and look forward to seeing you as a patient.